MitoProteome is an object-relational mitochondrial gene/protein sequence database and annotation system. The initial release (2004) contained 847 human mitochondrial protein sequences, derived from public sequence databases and mass spectrometric analysis of highly purified human heart mitochondria. The human MitoProteome database was substantially revised in 2015. The original protein-centric system was replaced with a gene-centric infrastructure. Mitochondria-related genes (based on curation of NCBI Entrez gene records, Gene Ontology categories and UniProt annotations) were first obtained, then all corresponding mRNA records for isoforms and splice-variants of each gene were collected, along with the protein sequences themselves. Additionally, all annotations regarding post-translational processing of the gene-product of interest (e.g. removal of peptide sequences going from an apo-protein to mature protein or removal of a targeting sequence from a mitochondrial protein) were also collected. This approach enables an overview of a mitochondria-related gene of interest where all isoforms (and protein sequences) are listed together (including splice variants in the 5' and 3' untranslated regions), along with the protein sequences and annotations of post-translational processing. In addition, a new section was added covering orthologs and homologs of the related proteins with links to data and multiple alignments of NCBI's "Homogene" resource and to hierarchical ortholog information at OrthoDB. The data collection and processing was carried out using an in-house software suite based on BioPython which enables high-throughput programmatic access to key data sources such as NCBI-Entrez and Uniprot. The current version of Mitoproteome contains data for 1,705 genes and 3,625 proteins and is located at the University of California San Diego.

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